Yesss, we will soon start our inspiring project of creative international cooperation!

While I was @home pretty ill, yesterday we received a nice email from Jeroen who works with us at the Transition Facility of government agency RVO. The news: both RVO and the Dutch embassy in Bogotá gave us a GO.

As soon as I feel better, Bas Sala and I will sit together and plan the details. One of the first steps is composing the 9 duos, consisting of a Dutch and a Colombian designer. We will publish the names of our designers as soon as the teams are composed. We then also will share the information about our team members of the universities.

The idea is to start designing in February. Each duo is asked to design interior products related to one of the themes water, local-local or seduction. Then the universities start peeking into the cooperation process and analyzing noticeable findings. See you soon…

Warm greetings and Saludos,

Marie-Thérèse Woltering




Merry Xmas and an awesome New year!



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