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This week the core team of MTic-design discussed the hurdles still to take to get the project in place. And we decided to continue šŸ™‚ Our hectic work situation has calmed down a bit and we see opportunities for the project to be successful. With regardĀ to the financing of the project we don’t have a 100% guarantee yet, but receive positive signs. If you help usĀ sending a good vibration to the decision makers we must be able to make it!

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What does this mean for theĀ parties involved?

Design team

We have toĀ make a final selection for the design team. This selection will take place between mid and lateĀ August. For this, we still can use some extra applicants from Colombia.

Research team

When the Dutch summer holiday is over, we willĀ approach the educational institutions again for the research part of the project. In the meantime we will contact the Colombian university teacher candidates to see who fits the research project best.


When the subsidizer approves the project, the idea is to start with the design project in February 2015Ā until the start of May 2015. The research project will finish a few months later. Exact planning follows.

All participants (designers, teachers, coordinators and core team) will have to hand in their company/institutional information for the grant applicationĀ as well as signing a cooperation agreement, both beforeĀ before mid September.

Moreover, all participants are requested to comply with ourĀ Corporate Social Responsibility policy, which is required for the subsidy. Leading Ā for our CSR policy are the:

  • OECD Guidelines for multinational enterprises: OECD guidelinesĀ (PDF)
  • ILO Declaration on fundamental principles and rights at work:Ā ILO
  • UN Convention on Biological Diversity: CBD
  • FMO exclusion list: FMO

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