Luuk van den Broek – David H. Del Valle


David H. Del Valle - Luuk van den Broek

Luuk and David translated the theme seduction as ‘showing not showing’, which they related to terms like transparency, reflection and color. The conclusion that the distance between them is digitally non-existing, lead to the idea of morphology (in archeology the study of shapes and forms).

Having the theme in mind, they 3D scanned their bodies. In a physical reality bodies only meet each other on the surface. In a digital reality the body is reduced to the surface and able to meet the other digitalized body through intersections. Speaking in these terms, they found themselves speaking about design: in a physical reality their bodies are the tools to shape objects, in the digital reality their bodies can become the object. In their concept giving shape to objects doesn’t go through craft, but through bodily configurations translated into digital shapes.

The digital shape research has a lot of sensuality in it, which for them human beings is something very much related to their design of objects. The way they analyze sensuality of common interests, forms, colors, textures gives them a feeling of affinity for objects. In every object, both of their bodies gave shape to the design. With these objects they explored the possibilities of digital communication, the value of the body with contemporary craftsmanship and how the final objects are associated with seduction.


David H. Del Valle - Luuk van den Broek

The collaboration went through different phases:
1: Introduction, getting to know each other. Talking about their countries and cultures.
2: Brainstorming “theme seduction”, how does David interpreted this theme and how does Luuk?
3: Finding a design language and platform to work from, techniques, interests, inspirations sharing.
4: Formulating concept and proposing research.
5: Idea scanning their bodies as landscape for shape mining.
6: Discussing what is the meaning of this project.
7. The first design sketches and 3D models.
8. Prototyping and manufacturing.



Luuk van den Broek works from Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and David H. Del Valle from Medellin, Colombia. They had never met each other, still they designed the objects together. Distance, language and culture were elements that shaped the collaboration. “We had to turn these elements into positive and productive aspects for being able to design in these conditions”. The collaboration started on Skype. While using digital communication as a base to collaborate, unintentionally we started to explore the boundlessness of digitally. Emailing sketches and working in 3D programs made us come up with the thought to translate ourselves into digital beings.


David H. Del Valle (Medellín, CO) – Tu Taller Design is a design studio that researches, develops and manufactures products for people and companies in different manufacturing systems. For this we rely on digital manufacturing, cutting-edge machinery and craft processes to generate unique value to our projects. We are a small but excellent group of professionals who manage large jobs for our clients. Our experience and quality ensures the success of the project entrusted to us. We are a firm that is aware that the customer should get more than they expected and that the process should be our most valuable asset, while always thinking about improving ourselves.

Luuk van den Broek (Eindhoven, NL) – Luuk’s  projects operate between the field of craftsmanship and industrial design, intuitively looking for the deepest color, the most logical connection or the most compelling composition. His work translates the exploration of moments in time through material, color, and personal experience. Luuk is co-founding member of Collaboration-O, an Eindhoven based collective of 14 Designers and artists, that work as a team, supporting one another while following their own individual paths.