Universidad de Nariño / Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht

University of Nariño

Research team Universidad de Nariño

Students of the University of Nariño in Pasto together with the HKU University of Arts in Utrecht, executed pressure cooker workshops that simulate the design project. This way of learning is very rewarding for the students who get insight in design education in the other country and at the same time meet new foreign friends. University teachers involved were Daniel Moncayo Guerrero and Willian Obando.

Some of the students from the Universidad de Nariño presented their experience in an essay (in Spanish):
Diseñar sin Fronteras by Gabino Sebastián Pantoja Ocaña
El diseño con dos nacionalidades by Luis Carlos Mueses
Diseño Intercultural by Alexandra Montenegro Coral
Interacción entre dos culturas by David Esteban Mora Ocaña
Diseño global pero con identidad by Iván Tutistar
Intercambio de conocimiento by Carlos Alejandro Villareal Rivas

Click for quotes from the students.  If you are interested in a copy please contact us or read it online.

HKU University of the Arts

The HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht involves students in a pressure cooker workshop, guided by university teacher and researcher Pepijn van der Port.