MOAK Studio – Emma van Eijkeren


The ME Dinner Set was nominated for the most important design award in Colombia, Lápiz de Acero 2016.
This product was also exhibited at Frame’s Kitchenlab at the IMM in Cologne From January 14-22, 2017.


MOAK - Emma van Eijkeren Final Design

“Me” is a set of food containers which invite the user to share a special moment with other people. We want to share wonderful moments, create unforgettable memories and experience each other’s way of cooking. Our concept is based on the mixture and fusion of both cultures and centered on cultural codes and local materials. These basic ingredients make the product recognizable to a Colombian and a Dutchman.



Emma and MOAK spent considerable time on getting to know each other. They made presentations about their own country, city and personal life and shared those with each other. The next step was to begin to select and highlight key points that they could implement in their design. They realized that they have similarities between them within the activities they enjoy with their family and friends, the design aesthetics and how they visualized the entire project.


MOAK Studio (Cali, CO) – Kelly, Mauricio and Oscar; three designers by heart and profession whom want to conquer through our designs  by doing what we like to do, what we’re passionate about and what entertains us. We form a small design studio with big ideas conceived to convey feelings, sensations and emotions in each product we develop. We want to go back in time and start from the basics to create amazing and entertaining moments, through simple and intuitive interactions, by humanizing the relationship between people and products.

Emma van Eijkeren (Rotterdam, NL) – EMMA’S ontwerpen was founded by Emma van Eijkeren. It stands for simplicity and fun in making products. Emma designs and makes objects and furniture for indoors and outdoors. In addition, she always tries to give expression to the connection between materials and between people. She works together with specialists and experts to craft carefully-finished products.