Luis Bernal – Studio PS


2015-10-18 14.28.18

The theme assigned is seduction. Luis and Peter believed that no matter how each culture deals and understands the seductive behavior, there are common ideas of what it could be. For instance, they believe that a seductive action as a whisper, can be extrapolated to lighting. Different moods can be achieved when applying different intensities of light. So they thought of a simple ceramic shade that with a quick flip, one can change the atmosphere from a semi-direct light to a very low light accent: one could say a light whisper. As the ceramic materials used on both countries are different, porcelain and clay, they decided to make an extra flip to take advantages of the individual properties. Porcelain is translucent, so in the whisper mode, it allows to show the light. But in clay, they decided to drill holes to let light come out.




During the almost 4 months of the development, the project has been supported by a friendly partnership based on constant communication and open knowledge. Not only by the weekly meetings, both teams have a constant communication where ideas and recommendations from personal experiences were shared in the interest of the project success. The passion for ceramics on both studios, has created a colleague link in benefit of mutual knowledge and future individual projects, and perhaps, again as a partnership.


Luis Bernal (El Retiro, CO) – Industrial designer and ceramist, Luis Bernal is the creative director and craftsman behind LaBestial. A small design studio and ceramic workshop, that under the traditional handcrafted production, comes up with his own vision of this material. To study, know and try to dominate this material is his main interest to produce medium scale and unique pieces.

STUDIO PS (Amersfoort, NL) Studio PS is a Dutch based inquisitive design studio exploring tactility, refinement and simplicity through craftsmanship. Our portfolio consists of original products and clear interiors. The Studio PS signature is functional in form and tactile in use. With a strong dedication to craftsmanship, our products and interiors are based on a constant dialogue.