Frame’s Kitchenlab at IMM LivingKitchen

Make a cultural connection with MTic-design at Frame’s KitchenLab

COLOGNE – A design collaboration often yields a synergy of aesthetics and ideologies, but when this exchange occurs across different cultures it can enrich the product in interesting and unexpected ways. It is in line with this philosophy that MTic-design facilitates international co-creation between designers in the Netherlands and Colombia. More

From January 14-22 the ME Dinner Set was exhibited at the Frame’s Kitchenlab at the IMM in Cologne. On Saturday, January 21, Marie-Thérèse Woltering and Bas Sala presented the MTic-design Knowledge Exchange program, in the booth of Frame at IMM LivingKitchen.

Time: 14:00 hrs, location: stand A-028 Hall 05.2