Erik Stehmann – Danilo Calvache


Erik Stehmann

Erik wanted to explore the theme seduction as being something that misleads the mind. He’s always been fascinated by moiré effects, an effect occurring when two silk fabrics or fine meshes are overlaid while displaced or rotated from each other. He began exploring how different patterns work together creating this effect. By milling these patterns on two sides in Perspex, the patterns started to conflict, creating this so called moiré effect. By using square rods, he could benefit from 4 sides of patterns that conflict with each other, giving a new dimension to the effect. In the process he also discovered that by placing one pattern on a mirror, the pattern is reflected by the mirror and the effect also occurs. Because engraved lines in Perspex light up when light is transported through the material, Erik ended up with a collection of lamps and a mirror that are both visually attractive as well as misleading.


Danilo Calvache Cabrera

Designs seduce by the visual effects on transparent surfaces, contrast between materials, and the plus of a still useful object. GE is a set of two side tables, and Pol is a set of three desk organizers. Both mix bent metal and acrylic, shaping basic cubes. In addition, acrylic surfaces are cnc-engraved with geometrical textures, a visual effect when you see the items through the transparent faces; a seductive feature catching the user’s eye.

Danilo and Erik appeared to use a very different approach to design processes. Danilo prefers working quickly towards concrete products for use by consumers, while Erik takes more time to investigate possibilities to take the design beyond the expected. These differences were not compatible anymore from a certain point in time. Both then continued individually with the common basic idea in mind.

Both used contemporary technical possibilities for communication like HangOuts, Whatsapp, Emailing, Online File Sharing. After their first online encounter they soon started with the formal part of designing according to the theme seduction.


Danilo Calvache Cabrera (Pasto, CO) – dc/ds is a fusion between a design studio that provides project development services of furniture, decoration, trade adjustment; and a design store that offers public lighting products, furniture and accessories developed and produced within it. This merger will cover a broader market constantly, always attentive to the needs of the context and to your satisfaction through innovative and high quality in design proposals.

Erik Stehmann (Arnhem, NL) – Designing is a game. Being innovative, isn’t only possible by making things complicated, using all the latest en most modern techniques. I try to be innovative by naively re-exploring basic techniques and materials, to find exceptions to what we know and believe. …and even that, sometimes, can make things pretty complicated, too.