MTic-design knowledge exchange program

The MTic-design knowledge exchange program between The Netherlands and Colombia seeks to develop innovative products together and to share and create design knowledge for both professional and educational purposes. The program consists of two parallel projects: design project and research project.

Design project
Dutch designers teamed up in duos with designers from Colombia. Each duo is designing an interior product in a long-distance collaboration. The product will result from the fusion of the different methodologies, approaches and aesthetics based on their (design) culture and personal style. Each duo works with one of three themes, namely water, local-local and seduction respectively aiming at societal utility, cultural awareness, and consumer attractiveness. Their task is also to investigate the  production possibilities of the prototypes they developed.

Research project
Design universities from Colombia and the Netherlands research the design processes of the teams, the contribution of the design cultures to the results and the contribution of intercultural collaboration to innovation. The intercultural collaboration is also measured from an international business point of view.

The results of the design project and research project will be published on the Internet to make the new knowledge available for other designers, educational institutions, companies, and other interested parties. In October 2015 MTic-design will participate in the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven where we also organize a symposium to share and build knowledge with the public.  Later we will participate in a design event in Colombia among others.

MTic-design will enrich design knowledge in both The Netherlands and Colombia. Also, new ways of co-creation and innovation by mixing cultures will arise from the program. The program intends to give an impulse to the creative and manufacturing industry in participating countries, improve relations between them and foster cultural enrichment in general.

Our team
For MTic-design Woltering Works together with a team of coordinators and our stakeholders, among them universities. Marie-Thérèse Woltering is program director and Bas Sala is the overall design-coordinator. Our coordinator in Colombia is Danilo CalvacheTina Siehoff designed our exhibition stand and supported us with giving shape to the project. Graphic design and website development is done by Christie Haalboom.

MTic-design would like to thank RVO Nederland for their support!